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Multi-Company – Multi-Location

Load Logix system is designed for seamless integration with all leading enterprise accounting applications. It enables you to set up unlimited number of companies and locations as per your business requirements.

You can access dispatchers, loads, carriers, and drivers for more than one company and site from one dashboard, simplifying your operations and keeping your management up to date.

According to user type and business needs, you can custom set-up user privileges to access different companies and locations and segregate or combine data to manage operations efficiently.

The fully-automated system allows tracking and managing deliveries for carriers, brokers, suppliers and manufacturers, and billing and accounting simultaneously, in real-time.

Load Tracking


Load Tracking and Management

Our solution is developed to ensure painless, automatic, and transparent load entry. With LoadLogix, you can enter, manage, and trace loads based on truck type, customer type,. shipper, location, and contact number.

Key Elements of Load Tracking and Management

  • Brokering and double brokering of loads.
  • Instantly load access on national maps.
  • Load entry management
  • Assign loads and dispatchers for manager’s approval.
  • Credit Approval option.
  • Search customer details and carrier details from existing data entry.
  • Enter shipping and destination details with pickup, arrival, load and truck type, range, etc.
  • Provide special instructions for Load detail entry.


Fully-Integrated Accounting System

Load Logix accounting can be integrated with various enterprise-level accounting applications, such as QuickBooks, Zero, SAP, Oracle Financials, and Peachtree. It effectively eliminates redundant manual processes, such as duplicate data entry and clerical errors. It further allows you to create invoices from the data that is already entered into the system, reducing your accounting time by over 50%.

  • Export data and import into your desired accounting system.
  • Export single to multiple invoices in minutes and track customers, carrier receivables and payables in real-time, including Aging reports.
  • Export individual loads into your accounting system efficiently (and not just total loads).
Account System


Advanced Reporting

LoadLogix can generate several industry-standard reports to help you gain complete visibility into transportation management.

Load-Activity Report to access data on added loads

Load Data Analysis to review various loads, including dispatch, company, customer, shipper, and carrier to streamline operations,

Rejected Load Activity to rejected loads for a certain period and do a cost analysis for future reference.

Commission Reporting to derive comprehensive commissions for each load added to your TMS.

Dispatcher Commissions to track dispatcher commissions for easy payroll.

Real-Time Reporting to fulfill significant TMS objectives.

Load P&L Reports to determine the exact amount of money you made on each load.


System Program Maintenance

The system program maintenance automates the entire transportation process and generates accurate and real-time information for making timely decisions.

- Customer Maintenance: Upkeeps end-to-end customer information – active and inactive customers an tracks past, existing, and new customers from one central point.

- Load Maintenance: Provides complete visibility on loading, transportation, unloading, load management, and disposal.

- Carrier Maintenance: Controls carrier process associated with onboarding carriers, qualifying loads, managing driver ratings, recording truck types and zones, etc.

- Other Modules:

  • Dispatcher maintenance
  • Company information
  • Carrier and truckload location
  • Dispatcher chat group
  • Carriers, loads, drivers, and shipper and receiver details the USA, Canada, and France.
Program Maintenance
Truck Board


Truck Board Management

The truck board captures and processes carrier, driver, and load information so they can roll safely and efficiently, all the time, no matter where they are in the USA, Canada, and France. You can generate and custom control a lot of information, such as driver location and status, loads in transit, load/carrier change history, load status details, load/carrier rate history, and load notes.

It enables companies to view carrier board and load board statuses to identify available trucks; available freight and reassign carriers based on the next available load. It also gives access to thousands of load statuses using different colored codes.


Carrier Board MAP

Truck Board Map
The module allows dispatchers to view the loads that have opened for booking and the loads booked for all zones and states. The Map is a visual indicator that lets dispatchers know how their loads are progressing. It also provides the current position and real-time road trails of the drivers/carrier, including available drivers and unavailable drivers, over a particular time (start and end date).

Carrier Board Map
Carrier Board Maps show details of carriers in various areas and zones availability and status. It shows what loads they are currently booked for and when they are available next to obtain new loads.

Load Board Map
Provides you as a dispatcher the ability to see a map of your existing loads, the status of a load that is in transit with breadcrumb trail of the loads transit. Load Board also allows you to instantly and easily identify carriers and drivers that are available to book loads

Board Map
Security Control


Security Control

LoadLogix’s capabilities and security measures will expand along with the organization. The Oracle-based application can self-optimize periodically for increased efficiency, regardless of the data size. It can handle the large and increasing volume of data without becoming vulnerable to threats and data breaches.

Application Security: Set up security within the application to provide system access to users for specific modules based on their roles. This makes sure that users don’t access information that does not relate to their work, adding an additional security layer to the system’s critical data.

Cloud Security: All your data will be encrypted in Oracle’s latest security tools – Oracle Advanced Security Technology to provide you a 100% safe application to work with.