About LoadLogix TMS

About LoadLogix

LoadLogix is a web-based software application designed by ResultWorx Technology Solutions, located in Los Angeles California USA.  The Transportation Management System - TMS application is designed as an industry specific solution for brokerage companies and brokers in the transportation and logistics industry.   It allows you to keep track of day-today operations from start to finish, increasing productivity and efficiency while decreasing manual processes currently in place.

The day-to-day operations of a broker is fast paced, and complex environment dictates the need for newer technology to improve logistics.  No sense in using old software and technology that is not updated and leaves many large holes in your operational efficiencies.

TMS is being updated on a monthly basis with new features and requests from its community of users, thus allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and maintain control of the your operations.

Key Features of LoadLogix TMS

Some of the key features of the LoadLogix TMS application include:

  • Truck Board
  • Carrier Board
  • Advanced Load Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Load Management
  • Accounting Integrations - Full billing, and payments integration into accounting
  • Chain of Custody - Instantly be aware of changes to loads, and details and who and why those changes are made.
  • Multi Location and Multi Company flexibility – Do you have multiple companies and locations? No problem.

To see a full list of features and what LoadLogix TMS best suites your needs click here.

Truck Board Map 

Truck Board Map


Load Entry 

Load Entry