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Being a transportation or carrier broker isn’t always easy. Are you dealing with daily business struggles? Figuring where your drivers & trucks are? How to manage load? What is the best way to optimize routes?
If yes,

You deserve a software application that automates your operations, levels up your logistics process, generates invoices and reports accurately, address today's real-world supply chain challenges, and makes it easier for you to being a Logistics Broker, not complicated.

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How Many Dispatchers Do You Have?

Streamline Every Aspect of Your Business at One Place



Built for Scalability

  • - Make the internal process of brokering a load and the logistical nightmare work for you.
  • - Eliminate tedious and lengthy manual paperwork that increases with time.
  • - Manage loads and carriers, anytime, anyplace.
  • - Have control out of office with easy-to-use, scalable Mobile Application.
  • - Cloud-based App Powered by Oracle Cloud.


Boosted Collaboration

  • - Get real-time updates from the drivers on their location, routes, and delivery status, and
  • optimize load and route management by 43%.
  • - Create chat groups for drivers, shippers, and receivers.
  • - Set-up dispatcher chat to individuals or groups.
  • - Delight your customers with fast and accurate ETA and deliveries.
  • - Dedicated system maintenance modules for company, customer, carrier, location, and load.


Automation and Efficiency

  • - Built-in automation simplifies data and insights for business development.
  • - Responds to changing market dynamics with Oracle cloud that merges your data, secures
  • information, and automates workflow to reduce operating expenses by 35%.
  • - Efficiently connects with any system you need through native integration, APIs, and other apps.
  • - Helps generate reports and view updates in real-time across any device.


Real-Time All Mile Visibility

  • - Generate and custom control the surging amount of information, such as driver location and status, loads in transit, load/carrier change history, load status details, load/carrier rate history, and load notes.



  • - Receive notifications of delivery confirmations once load has been completed. Upload delivery confirmation directly to TMS.


Notifications that delivery has been completed

Why Load Logix?

  • No Hardware Required
  • Easy Configuration
  • Professional Training & Support
  • Avoid Ripple Effects
  • Business Analytics
  • Web-Based System
  • Flexible Packages
  • Better Resource Utilization
  • Remove Strategy Paralysis
  • Mobile-Application
  • No Downtime
  • Unlimited Users
  • Zero Missed Delivery SLAs
  • Highly Secure

Load Logix Features

Multi-Company – Multi-Location

Set up unlimited companies and locations, access dispatchers, loads, carriers, and drivers and access information from one single dashboard. Segregate and combine data and custom-set user access privileges.

Load Tracking and Management

Enter, manage, & trace loads based on truck type, customer type, shipper, location, & contact number. Includes brokering and double brokering, instant load access, credit approval, and customer & carrier search.

Fully-Integrated Accounting System

Integrate Load-Logix with top enterprise-level accounting applications, including QuickBooks, Zero, SAP, Oracle Financials,and Peachtree to eliminate manual process.

Advanced Reporting

Create industry-standard reports to gain complete visibility into the supply chain, including load-activity report, load data analysis, rejected loads, commission reporting, dispatcher commissions

System Program Maintenance

Upkeep past, current, & new customer information, get complete load visibility, such as load, in-transit, unload, disposal, etc., manage carrier process associated with onboarding carrier, and more modules

Truck Board Management

Capture & process carrier, driver, and load information so they can roll safely and efficiently all the time, no matter where they are in the world. Identify truck availability and reassign carriers based on available load.

Truck Board Map

Enables dispatchers to know the progress of their loads – view loads open for booking and booked for all zones. Provides current driver/carrier position and real-time trail roads, including driver availability status.

Carrier Board Map

Get details of carriers in various areas and zone availability and status. It shows what loads they are currently booked for and when they are available next to obtain new loads.

Load Board Map

Allows dispatcher to check maps of existing loads, the status of a load in transit with a breadcrumb trail of the loads' transit. Also, easily identify carriers and drivers that are available to book loads.

Security Control

Data is encrypted in Oracle's latest security tools – Oracle Advanced Security Technology to provide a 100% safe application to work with. Custom user access adds an additional security layer to the system's critical data.

Enable all-mile visibility for customers