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How Advanced TMS Helps Overcome LTL Freight Capacity

How Advanced TMS Helps Overcome LTL Freight Capacity

The challenges that small to medium-sized shippers face today to get their goods to the market did not exist until a couple of years ago.
With 5 to 25 shipments a day and several smaller operations across smaller locations and businesses, a typical freight for a mid-sized shipper consists of less-than-truckload with full truckload here and there.

Traditionally, Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight capacities allow small to mid-sized shippers to pay only for the space they use for their shipment instead of the entire truckload, significantly reducing transportation costs. However, several challenges complicate this simple process. And one of the biggest is the rising cost of LTL shipping.

Challenges of LTL Shipping
The significant growth in the economy and consumerism in the last quarter of the year has led domestic manufacturers to boost their production levels dramatically, causing an unmanageable demand for trucking services. This has led to an outpaced capacity for LTL carriers.

Freight plays an important role in enhancing a business’ reputation. Timely and safe deliveries also make a significant impression on the customers. But with capacity being maxed out, shippers find it hard to secure loads at a reasonable cost. LTL carriers are asking shippers to pay double the standard price. Moreover, LTL carriers are focusing on profitable lanes. There is also the concern of in-transit shipment damage and lack of guaranteed delivery within the standard transit times. Therefore, companies using LTL services need to be dynamic, prudent, and technologically advanced to manage business operations and how they work with carriers.
So, how do shippers overcome LTL freight capacity without doubling cost? Upgrading operations to a dynamic, fully-integrated, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) like Load-Logix.

Adoption of New Load-Logix TMS
Larger companies benefit a lot from their TMS, as most software applications are designed to control capacity crunch and optimize freight transportation across various modes of operations. However, since mid-sized companies primarily handle one mode, managers of SMEs don’t find any optimization opportunities from TMS and stick to their existing practices.
However, Load-Logix diminishes this barrier to entry with its intelligent, affordable, and easy-to-use transportation management system, specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by small and mid-sized companies.

Enhanced TMS Accessibility
The good thing about advanced TMS is that it centralizes the rating (pricing) into one system where shippers can connect with truck and load boards, carriers, drivers, and price indexes to reduce the cost of transportation. API integration in new TMS communicates with databases, retrieves valuable information, and sends it to recipients in real-time.
With Load-Logix, shippers can find the best LTL transportation service at the best rates on specific routes and lanes without setting up EDI or increasing labor costs. It allows shippers to directly connect with credible sources and extract necessary information from system to system, reducing the number of labor hours spent on solving internal issues. This significantly lowers the cost of manual processes that keep mid-sized companies from adopting advanced technology.

While most TMS offers a full suite of options, not every company will need them. In fact, too many features can distract the users. Therefore, Load-Logix hosts curated feature packages for shippers, carriers, and brokers that make implementation and usage easy.
In addition, as LTL rates continue to rise, companies would need a system that will help them shift modes, such as LTL to multi-stop truckload. Load-Logix can handle all these needs, including rate, route, and load optimization – at the click of a button.

Intuitive Interface
User experience is an essential factor that makes a TMS likable. Load-Logix’s intuitive interface efficiently streamlines operations with simpler features. Transparent pricing, real-time updates, easy chat facility, multiple location access, accounting integration, and user-access security with end-user technical effort are a few great features of modern TMS.

Promising New Options
Multiple locations- multiple businesses management is at its peak, geared explicitly towards SME companies. In Load-Logix TMS App, invoices and accounting are streamlined via QuickBooks and other enterprise-level accounting applications. Push notifications keep stakeholders informed, and GPS tracking offers enhanced visibility for predictive ETAs.

Advantages of New Transportation Management System
To make the most of LTL shipping, companies need to align with industry trends, collaborate with brokers, 3PLs, and carriers, and have reasonable pricing knowledge. But for small to mid-sized business owners, it is a lot to take in. Instead, they could simply invest in an affordable web-based transportation management software that requires no installation or special maintenance. The benefits of Load-Logix are as follows:
– Automation of manual processes offers greater speed and accuracy
– Updated truck board offers improved visibility to LTL carriers
– Track and process loads effortlessly from one system
– Realtime GPS tracking provides carrier/driver information whenever you need
– Two-way chat system to stay updated all the time
– Reduce cost through better load management
– Improve cash flow with an integrated freight accounting system
– Real-time analytics will help you make informed decisions

LTL shipping is the most practical answer for companies keen to grow their businesses in the competitive market while controlling the cost of transportation. With driver shortage, stringent regulations, and capacity crunch, modern technology is the only factor that can make most of LTL shipping.

When checking out an affordable, easy-to-configure, easy-to-use transportation management system that has all of the above benefits, don’t forget to consider Load-Logix and ask for a free TMS app demo.
Load-Logix software application provides companies tools to identify opportunities to overcome LTL freight capacity and improve the supply chain. Our upgraded LTL solution will enable users to trace capacity in real-time and choose the best rates for their shipment volume. Our customers will also access the latest features, IT experts, and a full suite of APIs.